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We help our clients enjoy life today without the stress of worrying about tomorrow with a little help from Smarter Life Insurance Solutions

Born out of a belief that clients can experience a more enjoyable life with smarter insurance solutions, we have built our company using Kaizen principles and a service model that strives to provide personalized life insurance solutions while giving you easy to use tools. You may already know translation of the Japanese term Kaizen as “improvement” or “change for the better”.  Nonetheless, we like to say Kaizen is simply “a better way”. With this in mind, we focus in working amicably with individuals and their families so that they can experience a better purchasing process. Our work is centered in providing an easy to use system to find meaningful solutions for your life insurance needs.


Many agencies function from an old model that is time consuming and kills too many trees.  We have proven that purchasing life insurance using our online systems is more efficient and reduces delays in the underwriting process.  This means less mistakes, less paper waste, and more time for client and agent alike to spend with family.  We can do better as an industry. Our agency is a leader in adopting a more efficient model that produces quicker results, while having a smaller impact on the earth.  Well documented by successful corporations using Kaizen methodology, waste reduction is an effective way to increase profitability and provide better solutions (for other rousing Kaizen related Japanese terms regarding waste and efficiency reference Muda, Mura, and Muri).  We feel the insurance and financial services industry as a whole can do better.


I realized that we could provide more benefit to a greater community nationwide.  We are doing this by sharing useful tools and ideas to help us grow a strong following.  Rather than you experiencing the frustration of the product salesperson, our firm has been tirelessly working to provide you better, smarter, and efficient solutions.  You control the search, compare life insurance, and see the best quotes in 60 seconds without talking to anyone.  We have gladly given you the keys to the kingdom.  You see what the insurance agents see when quoting rates, nothing is hidden.  All we ask is for you subscribe and we trust that you are not an insurance spy (we don’t like spies) trying to take a peek into all the hard we have put forth in developing our nifty system.  

At any point in the process you need help we are here to guide you.  Should you want talk with a live person, we are here to chat and point you in the right direction.  We give you options and solutions regardless if you are next door or one the other end of the country.  We think this is an ingenious and important requisite for doing business.  Our goal is to build and earn trust while sharing educational tips in the process.  


I will share with you the “secret sauce” to our success.  We know through our own purchasing experience, we are not always ready to purchase more insurance or make a change when looking at quotes.  We understand this and that is ok.  Start your search regardless and compare life insurance to help you move in the right direction. We will be here when you are ready. Our service model is designed to be with you through out the process.  In the mean time, there are some rockin blog posts and goodwill content.  We will take the liberty to be snarky at times but balanced in our approach.  Our hope is to create a relationship that is endearing, while providing some some enjoyment and insight to why you mean so much to us as a future client.  

Less Filling!  Taste Great!

Just like Beer Snobs appreciating that an end finally came to the “taste great” vs “less filling” debate, I too look forward to the day that insurance snobs realize that this argument of Term v. Whole is dead and is still dead every time we try to resurrect it.  Rather than this silly debate, what most people want is confidence and guidance in an insurance plan.  I have found that this is best accomplished through a simple process call “Solving for confidence”.  That is always the #1 goal in any plan.

Solving For Confidence in Business

In my own life, I have found that I work best when I am sure of my direction and confident in my plan. 20141018_171852 This idea was tested a few years ago while hiking above 12,000 feet in the National Forest.  The story that follows is not of a dramatic wilderness story that was rescued by a solid plan.  Rather, that is where I was when I was able to self reflect on my own career.  I was not confident the typical financial services business plan.  I realized that not only was my plan was flawed, many in my career were highly inefficient (and still using fax machines and killing trees).  Moreover, our health reflected it.  For me, I was considered mathematically Obese.   I was tired, spinning my wheels, and it was not because of the thin air I was breathing.  I viewed my future much like the mice from “who moved my cheese”.  If I didn’t make changes to my business, I would become extinct much like the Passenger Pigeon.

Becoming Extinct

The story Passenger Pigeon is one of the most tragic stories of extinction in modern history.  And much like the modern financial services and insurance agency on every block, there were over 3 to 5 billion Passenger Pigeons at the height of its population.  Today they are extinct.

I have been working tirelessly to attract, engage, and champion an online following in order to ensure that I stay relevant in my career and have confidence in my marketing and business plan.  Here is what that looked like.

three things that matter

In case you can not understand my handwriting, here it is, My nifty thrifty business and marketing plan in print!

  1. Build a list of follower through an insightful blog about life insurance
  2. Establish a great relationship with that list by actually helping them
  3. Turn my subscribers into happy, referring, committed, long-term clients

It is that simple and we think it is golden!

Why Us?JJ_BIRTH_003

We care about families and champion the need for life insurance like no other.  We know how important it is to plan for a sound future and we believe that we can save you time and money.  As you can see, our plan is not to be pestering you with calls, chasing you down, and testing your last nerve.  That is the old world of the Insurance Selling System, it’s scripted, and it sucks.  Moreover, we are not a Multi Level Marketing system, nor we are not captive.  This is important.  Those systems are just a stupid way to market and archaic.  Sadly, many insurance agencies still function this way and it is as annoying as the dial up modem sound hear earlier.  Ugh!

Rather, we want to save you time and money through our online tools, while bring you a bit of joy to your life through our blog.  Quickly compare life insurance quotes.  We have invested in making this process simple and open.  Yet at any time, if you need a insurance sherpa, we are available.  And when needed, we deliver personalized strategies for managing and protecting what is important to you by linking you directly to our calendar for a scheduled meeting or brief 10 minute chat.  And we do this through that help of an awesome support team and useful tools we have developed online.  Enjoy!

Our Stance!

20150429_090025We are here for you and seek to help you protect your family.  As suggested above, some people in the Insurance System just don’t get it.  It is not about product pitch.  Rather, it is about you and the solutions that Life insurance can provide.  To be morbid, it is having confidence from the grave.  Much like Financial planning, Solving For Confidence is a process and not a product.  Our tools are available for you to become informed.  They are a resource to you to make the buying process inclusive and a little bit more enjoyable.

Move forward, compare life insurance and save money.  Start now and compare life insurance quotes using our free system.  Better yet, find a policy that does not kill any trees and protect your family at the same time.

Happy Planning,

Jose, Hoser, Joe from the Show

P.S. Compare life insurance and let us know if there is any way we can help or improve the process.

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