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Written on September 10, 2016 by Kaizen Retirement Wealth

Get Life Insurance quotes in less than 60 seconds or less time than it takes for a smoke break.

We provide life insurance quotes in less than 60 seconds.  So…Why does it take so long for some insurance agents to get back to you? Are they too busy? Are they in high demand that it is difficult for them to give you a quick quote?  Does it take that long to get you the information that you need?

Here’s the deal. To get life insurance quotes in less than 60 seconds here is all you need:

  1. Location
  2. Health status or health class
  3. Your Date of birth
  4. Gender
  5. Term or length of policy
  6. Benefit Face Amount
  7. Name
  8. Phone
  9. Email

If you are a busy new parent looking for life insurance or someone with little time to waist, then your in the right place.

That’s it, it is quick and easy.  Right?

“Death + Enough Life Insurance  =  Love”Again, Forget That! Get life insurance quotes in less than 60 seconds.

You might be wondering:  What do each of the nine items mean and why do you need them.  

Here is a simple explanation of the first 4:

Location:  Life insurance is state specific and you will need to be quoted for the state that you plan to purchase the policy.  

Health Class:  There are 4 basic options of health class.  The healthier you are the easier the underwriting process will be and the better the cost.  This does not mean someone with health conditions will pay outrageous prices.  Some companies are more tolerant of some medical conditions.  A licensed agent who specializes in Life Insurance can point you in the right direction.

Your Date of Birth:  Most companies quote by your nearest birth date.  In other words, if you are past 6 months from your DOB, you will be quoted with one year added to your age.  Note that most but not all companies rate this way.  You also have the option to backdate your policy for at cost.

Gender:  Look at the mortality tables and you will see that Women live 5 to 10 years longer than their male counterparts.  Girl power!  Not always. FEGLI, the providers of Federal Employee Government Life Insurance do not factor in gender.  

Term or length of policy:  How long do you need coverage? Without getting into too much detail, we suggest solving for the need.  This will place you on the path of solving for confidence.  You can get a 10 year 1 Million dollar policy for cheap but you may still have a need for coverage beyond that period.

Now lets look at the next 5

Benefit Face Amount:  This is the coverage dollar that the insurance will pay your beneficiaries if you kick the bucket while the policy is in force.  Most companies have breakpoints at 100k, 250k, 500k, and 1 million.  Just like shopping at costco, you get a discount breakpoint for buying in bulk.

Name: We want to make sure you are a real person who finds value in being addressed by their real name.  Yet if you want us to call you by any other name, we will oblige.

Phone:  We take our job with great responsibility.  We will quietly stand by while you take your time to find quotes and maybe even select a policy.  We ask for your phone number so that we may give you a courtesy call and follow up.

Email:  Sharing your email will allow you to subscribe to instant quotes and for updates directly from us.  You will be the first to know of any additional tools or handy dandy charts that we share.  If you are not wanting to hear from us, or you have crushed your life insurance goals, simply unsubscribe from the email.

“Get life insurance quotes in less than 60 seconds.”

We get it!

Thinking about buying life insurance is not fun.  Thats why we want you to experience getting life insurance quotes in less than 60 seconds.  

When you have to meet belly to belly with a life insurance agent, answer a dozen questions after silly small talk, it sucks.  Really!  They traditionally go over to your home and do a “kitchen table presentation” and try to sell you.  

Then there is the dreaded paper applications.  I would rather fill out a mortgage application.  They both suck, but at least I don’t need to die in order to make it all worth while.

Worse yet, you take out time from your day to go to their office, sit in the lobby until they are ready.  Then it takes several minutes for them to run quotes as you wait and watch the back of their outdated desktop monitor.  Boring!  Much like binge watching filming of The Kardashians take selfies!   Forget that, Get Life insurance quotes in less than 60 seconds, then do what you wish with your time.

What Gives?

Is it that the insurance agent is too busy to respond to life insurance request because it’s not their primary focus? Are they Home and Auto insurance specialists with little or no experience on life insurance?  Maybe, they are a health insurance agent that is licensed to sell life insurance but they’re really not well versed and the life insurance process and they have to seek council.  Who Knows?  Again, Forget That!  Get life insurance quotes in less than 60 seconds.

Maybe they are going Extinct!  

Some agents never change and they still sell the same way for the same company claiming it is the greatest.   This type of agent still uses paper applications and delivers paper policies.  It is my believe that this type of agent and agency is going extinct.

Again, Forget them!  Get life insurance quotes in less than 60 seconds.

Paperless applications and paperless policies are here.  I am happy that the industry is changing and type of agent mentioned above along with the traditional insurance system will soon be a thing of the past.

At the end of the day, it needs to be easy!  So easy that you can ponder your life insurance needs at that moment when it’s most convenient.  Our system allow you to do this at any time any day, at any hour and get quotes in less than 60 seconds.

****We have invested smart money to create the technology and embrace the online application initiative.  On July 5th, the day after celebration independence, we will launch The Online Application Initiative.  Looking back, we should have aimed for Arbor Day.****

“Paperless Applications + Paperless Policies = Less Paper Cuts”


Life insurance tool kit will be the champion of saving both the client and the agent time.  We also boast less travel, less frustration, and provide quick instant access to online quotes.

Saving time.  Just two weeks ago I made the 3 hour trek to Farmington.  We left at 5:30 in the morning and did not return till 8:30.  We were gone from dawn to dusk.  We worked hard and took little time for breaks and even skipping lunch.  There is a better way, I know and this type of day is rare for me anymore.  Yet it is a good reminder of why I value my time and yours.  BTW, Farmington is gorgeous this time of year and fishing is awesome!

It gets better!

Less travel.  Jumping on a plane was fun when I was in the US Air Force.  I love it when it’s a vacation.  And before having kids, I even enjoyed the journey and adventure.  Now with my munchkins, I do not want to leave and travel for work.  It has an impact our family dynamics and having 3 under three, we are already short handed.  My father Coach Sanchez would say, when you find yourself outnumbered you need to play zone defense.  There is no zone if I am away.

Want to Know the Best Part?

Less Frustration.  If you saw my office you would be impressed.  There is little paperwork and clutter. In our old world we were inefficient, killed many trees, and had trouble reading our own hand writing.  Today, we embrace paperless applications.  They are the rockstar of our system.  They process much quicker with fewer mistakes.  

But Here’s the Kicker:

Most insurance agencies are slow to adapt.  And that is a failure to adapt to the biggest change in our lifetime.  Some call this digital disruption.

I believe in getting the client instant access life insurance quotes cool.  I gladly hand over the keys to the Life Insurance Quoting system and low you to drive the kingdom’s Ferrari.  Ok, it is not that cool, but it goes faster and farther in 60 seconds than any other insurance system that I have come across.  

In the days of yesteryear, we needed to use charts, module factors, rate books and actually calculate by hand the quote for just one company.  I have one hanging around and if I find it I will post a picture.  Rest assured that it is just a bunch of numbers.  Don’t let us forget the sticky agent that added silly riders in attempt to upsell the client for personal gain, this only slowed down the process more.

I am off my soap box.  Thanks for sticking with me and finding value in the details of yesteryear.

Need More Support

You may also want to review best life insurance options for children if your children are young and under your support.  As a parent, you are best to have a solid life insurance plan in place for your family and your children.  A common low cost solutions is a child rider but there are other often less expensive options.

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Happy planning!

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About Kaizen Retirement Wealth

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