Buying Life Insurance in New Mexico

Written on September 26, 2016 by Kaizen Retirement Wealth

Buying Life Insurance in New Mexico?

As a lifelong resident of New Mexico, It is only appropriate that I write a meaningful post about buying life insurance in New Mexico.

Family, Friends, y chile verde make this state home.  While our team of advisors work and provide services internationally, our home base is in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  

So you might be wondering:

Why Life Insurance?

It’s simple!  When you die, I want you to die with peace of mind.  I want you to have planned knowing that you have confidence in what you left behind.  Until you have amassed enough monetary wealth, Life Insurance is the next best way to protect your family financially.

Why New Mexico?  

New Mexico is a great place to call home.  People move to the land of enchantment, like Georgia O’Keefe, for its unique beauty and endless landscapes.  They travel to Santa Fe, Taos, and Las Cruces and explore the state’s ties to the land, people, and culture.  Moreover, New Mexico offers an incredible experience for the outdoor adventure enthusiast.  

Here’s the deal.

To buy life insurance in the state of New Mexico, there are a few ideas that you should keep in mind.

First, you do not have to be a resident of New Mexico to purchase life insurance.  You can purchase life insurance while you are visiting.  Really!  You could be on vacation visiting the awesome land of enchantment and during your stay, sign a life insurance application and have it place in force.  

For example, You could be touring the working studio of in the Highland Nob Hil District in Albuquerque and meet Randy Cooper and watch him at work. I recommend calling him in advance and offering to treat him to coffee!  BTW, you should do this anyway regardless if you buy life insurance or already own it.

Second, Buying life insurance in New Mexico from an independent agent is simple and smart.  An independent agent can find the best company for your life insurance needs.  This can save you time and money.  A New Mexico life insurance agent who is independent has multiple insurance companies available to them.

Third, New Mexico is an immediate rights state.  This means that an independent life insurance agent can contract with a life insurance company that fits your needs the same time that you are submitting an application.  

As an example, if your independent agent has an expired or terminated contract with a given carrier, they can quickly establish that contract just in time for your life insurance application.

Forth, you can do an online search in any state or location with internet capabilities.  This is a convenience benefit.  Some day soon, I am sure that someone will test getting a life insurance quote in under 60 seconds while aboard Virgin Galactic Air Lines and landing in Southern New Mexico.  If you are the first, I will drive down to Spaceport America and greet you with a Mango Dango and Green Chili Cheese Burger.    


Why do you need Life Insurance in New Mexico?

Some internet searches will give you a CDC Statistic that says something like, “New Mexico is ranked 27th out of the 50 states in life expectancy.”  So what!  We are all going to die regardless of what state you live in.  The reason for life insurance in New Mexico is the same for life insurance in any state:

Enough Life Insurance + Death = Love

You want to make sure that when you die, you have peace of mind.  Next!

New Mexico Life Insurance Resources

There are a few life insurance resources that you are best to know about in owning a life insurance policy in the state of New Mexico.  

Office of Superintendent of Insurance

Life insurance in the state of New Mexico is regulated by the state legislature.  The Office of Superintendent of Insurance is responsible to ensure compliance with New Mexico Insurance Code, Federal Requirements and the Office of Superintendent of Insurance (OSI) Rules and Regulations.

You can also look up licensed agents contracting information.  For example, if you look up your favorite life insurance agent, you will find that there are many agents with the same name in the State of New Mexico.   Many of them are inactive due to “Lack Of Appointments” Or “Cancelled”.  You can also view their Continuing Education and if they met the annual 15 hour minimum requirements.

New Mexico Life Insurance Guarantee Association

In 1978, the New Mexico Legislature enacted the New Mexico Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Law.  At this time, the New Mexico Life Insurance Guaranty Association was created.  In the event that a member (insurance company authorized to sell in the state of New Mexico) becomes insolvent and is court ordered to liquidate, the Association provides protection to New Mexico residents who are policyholders.

Meanwhile, I could not be happier to continue to support you and your search for quality life Insurance information.  If you are looking for affordable and a dependable, find an independent agent who is not only knowledgeable and experienced, but also has three kids under three (selfish plug).    


Having served in the US Air Force and traveled the world, I am happy to call New Mexico Home.  There are precious few places in the world that maintain a true link to their heritage.  New Mexico despite all its quirkiness, is up there on my list.

If you see any errors or mistakes on this post, do not hesitate to drop a line and let me know.  We are always looking for better ways to serve you and communicate our loving message.  

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Happy planning!

Jose, Hoser, Joe from the Show

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