Stronger than a turmeric milkshake, faster than molasses on steroids, and more interesting than the Count from Sesame street…  Hi My name is Jose, Joe from the Show, and for some awesome friends “Hoser”.   Welcome to this blog dedicated to sharing solutions and ideas for life insurance without sounding like this

stupidly annoying sounds of the 1990’s.

A Snarky Rant: Your Typical Corporate About Me page is boring!

I grew up in a community where a caddis (elk hair dry fly) was way cooler than a Kardashian.  Naturally, you can trust that this is not your typical corporate about me page.  Rather, I want you to feel welcomed to ask me just about any question especially if I can relate it to our battle cry to purchase life insurance for the right reasons.  Equally, it is important to educate our community on the advantages of our eco friendly process, paperless application and policy.

“Paperless Applications + Paperless Policies = Less Paper Cuts”

Btw, If you are in a hurry (average attention span is less than 9 seconds)  Meaning, I lost you about 4 second ago and you should just click here and go directly to the online calculators and run a quote.  We will be here waiting for your timely return. 

A Brief History of Jose

I grow up in the small town of Glorieta, New Mexico and I miss it dearly.  Growing up there, a passion for community and a true appreciation for service were instilled in me at an early age. Raised in a village that was poor monetarily but wealthy in traditions, family, and community, I was inspired throughout my life by my parents. Both educators and active in the community as leaders, coaches, and as “mayordomos” for the village church (Mayordomos is a Northern New Mexico term for “caretakers”). Continuing in the blessings of our family and community, I followed my brother in-law into military service spanning over five years. When I was able, I took a second job and saved a small fortune for my future return (Bartending in Tokyo Japan).   Throughout my life, I understood and found success in the value of a “hard earned dollar” and the effort (and sacrifices) it took to keep it.

While starting my graduate work at the University of New Mexico, I was recruited by a major financial services company. I worked directly for “a legend in the company” and learned a lot about Wall Street and the insurance industry. Most of it I didn’t like at all. I spent most of my time questioning why we did not do things that truly benefited the client. It was not long before I was dismayed; I resigned my position in search of a better way. Disenchanted and truly believing there was a better way to make an impact, I implemented kaizen methodology to my professional way of being. My goal was simple; I wanted to make an impact on our community by sharing smarter strategies for managing and protecting wealth to those who have worked hard and value their money, so that they too can experience less stress and focus on those issues that mean most to them.

Ever since that day, I have been tirelessly working to realize this goal. We feel that every day we are entrusted to take care of those who have worked hard for their money and provide them with a more enjoyable life through smarter solutions.

Why Online Life Insurance

The Idea of life insurance is simple.  If you die, money will be paid to your family, business partner, or organization or charity you support.  

“Death + Enough Life Insurance = Love”

What is complicated is the cutthroat style of selling and marketing.  Giving you the keys to the kingdom and allowing you to see what we see when we are providing quotes promotes trust and transparency.  Plus it’s just cool to be able to run your own quotes from anywhere.  Btw, some of our competitors don’t like it and that makes me smile!

In addition, our online system saves trees, reduces underwriting delays, and allows me to spend more quality time serving my clients or spending time in my home town of Glorieta.  

Boom!  “God just Zapped him up”

My brother was lost in a tragic accident that ended his life at age 16 and changed our lives forever, I was only 13 at the time.  While it will not be easy for me to do…I will share the story later in detail, I promise.  If you are like me, you will appreciate hearing about it and you will quickly understand why I am passionate about protecting our families through what I call “large amounts of low cost life insurance”.  Spoiler alert, we did not have the right insurance.

More About How I got Here

It hasn’t always been rosy!  While I have been a financial professional for over 10 awesome years, I have been behind a desk. Otto King, also a Military Veteran, gave me my first start.  He is the guy responsible for pointing me in the right direction.  He said, “Jose you would be great at this!  With your Military experience and organization, your teaching skills, and your ability to communicate in both languages…”  I was sold on the idea of becoming a financial advisor!  This was a cool and challenging career.  What I did not know was that I was being recruited to be a “term-mite” (seller of Term Insurance) and sell term insurance to everyone because everyone has to die.  That is term-mite code for everyone breathing is your client and you need to sell out all your friends and family.  Like most things, I challenged that notion.  I still argue, that not everyone needs term nor insurance.  But those who do should keep plugged in to this blog as we advocate for low cost solutions first.

Sadly in those 10 years, I did not spent much time in God’s Country, a little place in the wilderness where the contributions of the Pecos start.  I know this area as Cave Creek and Panchuela, a place just below where Horse Thief Meadows starts to emerge.  That is far too long for anyone who grew up in a community where a caddis was way cooler than the Kardashian.  

Big Wall Street! Big Mess!  I have worked directly with some of the big names in the industry and earned my share of accolades.  While that sounds cool, I’ll be honest, I didn’t get their way of doing business.  It was at best Fishy… Not like the Cutthroat Trout that my family has been catching in cave creek near Horse Thief Meadows back home.  No!  The big stinky fish that lingers and makes you feel like a sucka!  I escaped the corporate wall street system early in my career for a strong reason.  It was a reason that still holds true and was given to me by one of my favorite people.  Coach Raymond Barry (Best NFL Receiver prior to Jerry Rice) shared with me over a cold one (bud light) the importance of being “Captivating, and not Captive”.  I understood that at the time I was captive and could not offer the best financial solutions.  I was at the mercy of the company.  And at the end of the day, that sucked for both me and my clients.  I left in search for an environment that allowed me to inspire and serve anyone with out trying to make them, what the system calls, a “buying unit”.  

Solutions that Life Insurance Provides

At the end of the day it is a Death Benefit guaranteed by contract.  These contracts can be for families needing income replacement, debt payoff, and the like.  They are also the funding for the resources to help fulfill the plans and dreams you and your family desire should death occur.  In addition, Life Insurance can be tied to business plans, business debt, or work exclusively for funding of Business selling agreements or continuity of the company.  In some cases, it is needed to comply with court ordered Life insurance during a divorce.  Nevertheless, these contracts are purposeful and we hope to provide you with smart solutions and champion the tax free benefits when available under most contracts.

Insurance for Parents


For young family we believe protecting Mom and Dad with Large amounts of Low cost insurance.  This is often done with low cost Term insurance through top rated well known insurance companies.


Meet the Fedorables! (picture soon)

My lifelong friend and classmate coined this name “The Fedorables” for us soon after my daughter was born.  We enjoyed it so much I am inspired to create a children’s book series.  This is what the working cover looks like.  You will get to know the Fedorables more in detail as I share some fun stories.  

Just like you, my spouse and kids are my Ultimate Why.  They ask, “What is your Why”.  Here is mine:  To have a strong family that is united so that we may experience adventure, love, and joy while making a positive impact on our community and valued relationships.  In other words, the family is the center of my universe.  My goal is to keep shining bright so that they and others can do the same.  Most days life is grand.  Its bright.  We don our fedoras and strive to conquer the forces of evil and bad baby food marketing.

Meet Logical Louie and Gorgeous Gloria (aka Grama & Grampa)

These two individuals I owe my life and I am driven by their strength.  I have witnessed their challenges and respect them as individuals.  They were educators and instilled the passion of service with in me.  It is my dad who taught us about “going on an adventure” and the beauty of frugality.  This idea later developed into the idea of “gift of time”  (link article and ABQ the Mag).  

More about my names

At the end of the day, I am Jose.  I was raised in a small town predominantly poor but rich in tradition, values, and faith.  I was name after my maternal Grandfather Jose Vicente Romero.  You might know him as Judge Romero for his public service or Joe From the Show from his days at the Theater in Santa Rosa.  It’s a great name with great value.  As for Hoser, my classmates and friends have been calling me hoser for some time.  I didn’t like it at first, but over the years it has grown on me.  I don’t spend nearly enough time with my lifelong friends.  In sharing it in this post, it bring back a good nostalgic mindset of good times and good people.

“Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what your gonna get.”  

Said by Forest Gump repeated by many.

I close with this idea of clarity and refute the randomness found is that sugar filled box of tiny temptation.  At some point, Mrs. Fedorable and I, our lives will come to an end regardless of efforts to live beyond age 100.  We don’t plan to always need insurance.  We personally own Large Amounts of Low Cost Insurance because it fit our plan.  We have found comfort in the idea that we are solving for confidence.  While this works for families like ours, it does not answers everyones need.  Our agents will work with you to provide you with a sound solution.  I understand that later in life, I may still own tax free life insurance as an assets for my legacy or business planning.  Rightfully, this will likely not be term insurance which dominates and meets our personal insurance needs for the next few decades.  Today I am solving for my own need and Solving For Confidence.  I know that if I die, my family will be able to live in comfort and confidence.  

May your journey be built on confidence.  


Jose, Joe from the Show, Hoser